The recognition and trajectory of the partners is complemented by an outstanding group of scpecialists who together offer suitable legal solutions that protect their interests, adding value to projects and legal needs.

Founded more than 30 years ago as Vall de Rutén Fajardo Abogados, we forged our prestige in the Colombian Caribbean region, where we lead solving processes to national and multinational economic groups, as well as family businesses and individuals. Since 1981 we have spread to the center and rest of the country, with direct presence in jurisdictions. This gives us the satisfaction of the public recognition of being among the top 20 best qualified firms and lawyers in the country by colleagues, companies, entities and clients.

In the management of the orders that are entrusted to us, we have consolidated as part of our culture, working closely with the legal representatives of our clients.

Our high performance and seriousness has earned us widespread credibility that facilitates setting up and reaching suitable arrangements, when required or convenient.

Our clients

Proteja su inversión y agregue valor a sus proyectos y necesidades legales.

Protect your investment and add value to your projects and legal needs.

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